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iTextMaster is a free Productivity extension for Microsoft Edge or other Chromium (Blink) based browsers.

You could view developer's website, download the latest version crx file or the old version crx files to install it.

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Welcome to the all-new ChatPDF plugin world! ChatPDF is a powerful intelligent PDF interaction tool that allows you to have smart conversations with any PDF document. Whether you're a student, researcher, professional, or anyone dealing with PDFs, ChatPDF provides a comprehensive and intelligent experience. Let us take you on a journey to explore the various features and astounding AI technology of ChatPDF, making PDF exploration and deep interactions a breeze!

【Key Features】

1. Intelligent Conversations: ChatPDF utilizes advanced AI technology to engage in interactive dialogues with any PDF document. Simply ask a question, and ChatPDF will swiftly provide accurate answers. No more manual reading of lengthy documents; ChatPDF efficiently resolves queries, significantly enhancing work and study productivity.
2. Quick Summaries: ChatPDF also offers concise document summaries. For those lengthy PDFs, easily extract essential information without having to read the entire content. This time-saving feature enables you to navigate through vast amounts of information effortlessly.
3. Precise Searching: Searching for specific information within a massive collection of PDFs can be frustrating, but ChatPDF handles it seamlessly. Utilizing ChatPDF's precise search function, input keywords, and swiftly locate the desired content. Making information retrieval efficient and precise.

【Why Choose ChatPDF】

ChatPDF is a comprehensive PDF tool built on ChatGPT, offering not only search capabilities but also intelligent conversations with PDF documents. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, ChatPDF serves as an ideal PDF assistant. Let's see why ChatPDF is the top choice:

1. Efficiency: ChatPDF saves you significant time and effort. Whether finding specific information or quickly understanding PDF content, ChatPDF delivers at the fastest speed to meet your needs.
2. Convenience: As a lightweight browser extension, ChatPDF installs easily without consuming excessive system resources. Use it effortlessly whether you're at school, the office, or home.
3. Intelligence: Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, ChatPDF brings you a smart PDF interaction experience. Engage with PDF documents just like conversing with a human, providing a whole new dimension to your learning and work.
4. Versatility: ChatPDF not only supports PDF but will also support TXT, CSV, MD, DOCX, PPT, EXCEL, HTML, JSON, images, audio, video, webpages, and more in the future. Experience the convenience of ChatPDF with various file formats.
5. Future Upgrades: We are continually improving and upgrading ChatPDF to ensure you always have the latest AI technology and features. Exciting future updates await ChatPDF!

【What is ChatGPT?】
ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT-3.5 architecture. The full name is "Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer," a powerful natural language processing (NLP) model.
It has been trained on a vast amount of internet text data, enabling it to have a good understanding of various topics and perform various NLP tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and text completion. Essentially, it is a computer program capable of interacting with humans in a natural and human-like manner.

【What is ChatGPT Summarization?】
Summarization generally refers to extracting the core content of a text into a concise version, allowing for a faster understanding of the main points of an article or document. In ChatGPT, the summarization feature involves understanding and analyzing the user's queries or input texts, then extracting key information from the input and presenting it in a concise manner to the user.
ChatGPT's summarization feature helps users quickly grasp the main points of complex texts, saving reading time and providing a more efficient way to understand and communicate information. This functionality makes ChatGPT a powerful AI assistant, offering valuable assistance in various applications, such as document summarization, question answering, and information overviews. Through the summarization feature, ChatGPT provides users with a more intelligent, convenient, and efficient language interaction experience.

【Is an OPENAI account required?】
No, it is not required. Our plugin is pre-packaged and ready to use without any barriers.

【Plugin Description - Conclusion】
ChatPDF - Your intelligent PDF interaction tool, enabling effortless exploration and efficient communication. Whether for academics, professionals, or personal needs, ChatPDF will be your indispensable and capable assistant. Come and experience the intelligent PDF world brought by ChatPDF! Install ChatPDF now and unlock the full potential of AI, making information retrieval faster and more efficient!

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