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McAfee WebAdvisor is a free Productivity extension for Microsoft Edge or other Chromium (Blink) based browsers.

You could view developer's website, check extension's privacy policy, download the latest version crx file or the old version crx files to install it.

More About McAfee WebAdvisor

Search confidently, browse safely.

McAfee WebAdvisor for Microsoft Edge is your trusty companion that helps keep you safe from threats while you search and browse the web. This extension safeguards you from malware and phishing attempts while you surf, without impacting your browsing performance or experience.

Here’s how it works:

1. Search safely. For supported search engines, WebAdvisor will place red, yellow or green safety ratings right in your search results so you can efficiently navigate to safe sites.

2. Click with confidence. WebAdvisor blocks most potentially bad sites before they can do harm, displaying a page to warn you of potential risks.

3. Breathe easy. Even genuine websites can unwittingly play host to malicious content, but don’t worry - WebAdvisor helps to identify and block these risks, while preserving legitimate content.

As one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies, McAfee actively protects over 300 million consumer devices worldwide and uses this expertise to power the real-time protection that makes WebAdvisor your first line of defense for safer browsing.

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