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Anything Copilot 1.2.18 for Microsoft Edge

Anything Copilot (lbeehbkcmjaopnlccpjcdgamcabhnanl): Unlock AI Insights on the Fly: Open Any AI Site in a Popup or Sidebar for Instant Access and Enhanced Productivity!…Read more about Anything Copilot> or Download crx file now >

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Anything Copilot is a free Developer Tools extension for Microsoft Edge or other Chromium (Blink) based browsers.

You could view developer's website, check extension's privacy policy, download the latest version crx file to install it.

More About Anything Copilot

This is a unique AI Copilot extension, unique because we do not directly provide an AI model; however, you can open almost any website in a sidebar or popup, like ChatGPT, Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, Kimi, and more.

Anything Copilot acts like a "universal shell" or "universal sidebar," serving as a versatile assistant.

✨✨ Completely Unrestricted
With Anything Copilot, there are almost no restrictions. No account needed, no login required, and no usage limits.
You can open in the sidebar and talk unlimitedly with ChatGPT 3.5 for free, or open any other AI website you like.

💪💪 Multi-Tab Sidebar
You can open multiple pages in the sidebar at the same time. For instance, you can open ChatGPT, Gemini, and Google Translate simultaneously and switch between them freely.

🔏💪 Privacy
Since we do not directly provide the AI model, we do not save or collect any of your chat content. Open trusted websites in Anything Copilot without worrying about privacy issues. Using Anything Copilot does not require registration or login, nor does it need an email or phone number.

🚀💻 Desktop App Support
Want to use ChatGPT while working in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint? It's possible. Open the official ChatGPT website, then click to open in a popup through the Anything Copilot extension, and you will have a "pinned ChatGPT window." Isn't that great? You can also use shortcuts to maximize or minimize this pinned window.

📄🤖 PDF DOCX File Support
The free version of ChatGPT does not support reading files, but Anything Copilot offers additional support. Simply drag and drop your files into it, and you can read the content and chat with AI. This feature is also completely free and unrestricted.

🪄🪄 More Fun, More Possibilities
The ways to use Anything Copilot are unlimited. Whether it's AI, translation, videos, novels, music, you can try opening them in the sidebar or popup to unlock endless possibilities.

Install Anything Copilot and explore more efficient ways of working that suit you. If you have any suggestions or issues, feel free to contact us at any time; we are very eager to hear from you.

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