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Presto Map Lead Extractor (elknchjndahdpfcgdjhljmibfgohcfnp): Save visited business listings from Google Maps and Bing Maps. Generate Unlimited B2B Leads!…Read more about Presto Map Lead Extractor> or Download crx file now >

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Presto Map Lead Extractor is a free Productivity extension for Microsoft Edge or other Chromium (Blink) based browsers.

You could view developer's website, check extension's privacy policy, download the latest version crx file or the old version crx files to install it.

More About Presto Map Lead Extractor


Presto Google Map lead extractor helps you extract business listings from Google Maps.


Is your business targeting small businesses: Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, garages, hairdressers, small clothing shops, art galleries, and so on?

If that's the case, you've probably found yourself spending COUNTLESS hours browsing the Web building a prospection file. Emails, websites, addresses, and phone numbers are scattered all over the place, and, if not an intern, YOU will have to spend precious time gathering them before you can even get started prospecting.

This is the modern equivalent of "Take the phone book, go to 'A' and start dialing".


Using this software and data from maps, you can:
* Find leads literally at any place in the world
* Quickly filter and analyze leads in Excel

The app is not magic. It extracts all available data from Google maps. Without this software, you can do it manually or hire a virtual assistant to do this job.

📍 Extract listings from Google Maps
📊 Download as Excel with proper column types or in CSV
✨ The resulting spreadsheet contains 22 columns including phone numbers, venue name, and address (both English and localized variants), website, average rating, etc.

Please note: this app is freemium software. You can use a limited version for free or upgrade for unlimited usage. The download feature is limited to the recent 40 records.


1) Click on the “puzzle” icon at the toolbar. Find Presto’s icon and pin to the toolbar for quick access.
2) Go to (you can use any national version in your language).
3) Make a search request e.g. “hair salon near Los Ángeles, CA, USA”
4) See the number of results increasing over the toolbar icon
5) Download all records collected by clicking the “Download records” button in the extension’s popup
5.1) Clear results if you don’t need them and want to collect from scratch


Support email is available within the extension in the popup.

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