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Fusion Chat (cklckpipkomgbhiigjgpcnajjmbboihf): ChatGPT for Edge: fo Google, Bing, Baidu and more. Generate Images with AI. ChatGPT-4 for Search Engines. Best AI Assistant…Read more about Fusion Chat> or Download crx file now >

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Fusion Chat is a free Search Tools extension for Microsoft Edge or other Chromium (Blink) based browsers.

You could view developer's website, check extension's privacy policy, download the latest version crx file or the old version crx files to install it.

More About Fusion Chat

Fusion Chat adds an AI Assistant to your browser, that helps you save time and be more productive.

Fusion is powered by the latest and most intelligent large language models like ChatGPT-Turbo and Text-Davinci. Fusion uses AI to give you the best answers when you search for something.

It has the following main features:
1️ Search Engine Integration
Easily integrate Fusion Chat to your daily searches to get smart and specific answers to your questions
➤ Supported Search Engines:
- Google
- Bing
- Yahoo
- Others

2️ Helper Popup
Call fusion on any page you want by just doing the following:
- Click on the page and select Call Fusion
- Right Click on highlighted text and select Ask Fusion about: "...
- Use the handy shortcut Ctrl+Q (Q - for question)

3️ Document Composer
Easily compose document or get inspiration for document, emails and even essays by asking Fusion for help. Just type
Fusion: [Prompt] ?
then press Enter Key. Fusion will start generating a response based on the Prompt given. Which is extremely helpful for generating emails, reports, essays and other documents.

➤ What’s included?

~ Free
The free version of Fusion comes with free limited credits that you can use to try out Fusion Chat and understand how it works. All the features are below are available based on available demand.
• Search Engine Integration
• Helper Popup
• Document Composer
The free account comes with 50 Credits, which are equivalent to 5000 words generated.

~ Premium
Fusion Chat Premium includes the following features which have high availability, with blazing first AI responses
• Search Engine Integration
• Helper Popup
• Document Composer
Premium accounts start at $7.99 with 1000 credits which is equivalent to 100,000 words generated/month.
Users can also refill their credits where the in-product purchase cost from $10-$45

➤ Where can I use Fusion Chat
Fusion Chat is designed to work seamlessly in your browser, no copy-pasting required. Use it in Google Docs, Email, social media, and across the web. The following are popular places where Fusion Chat works
• Google Docs
• Email
• LinkedIn
• Instagram
• Twitter
• YouTube
• Facebook
• And any other site

➤ Fusion works by interfacing with large language models such as ChatGPT-3.5-Turbo and Text-Davinci (GPT-3 model) which are large language models that are trained on large text that enable the models to inhibit human-like intelligence when responding to prompts.

➤ Terms and Conditions
By installing the extension, you agree to and acknowledge:

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